Solar Systems

CQE Services have teamed up with the Solar Experts at Uni-Industries based out of Lawton, SE QLD to bring Central Queensland some amazing solar options! This is a great pairing for the Central Queensland Area as you instantly gain the Experience and Buying Power of the 25 year Industry Leaders - UNI-INDUSTRIES - whilst getting to deal with the "locals" at CQE Services!
No secret telemarketers, no pushy salesmen, no shell companies that won't be there to support you for the life of your system!
Just great family business's that want YOU to benifit from the renewable energy boom.
With Solar Panel brands like LDK, REC and ALEO and Trusted Inverter Brands like EATON, Fronius and SMA - CQE Services has the right BRANDS for the right PRICE - which gives the power back to you! 
CQE Services can set up a system that suits your budget and power requirements!

Solar Systems Starting From....

1.5kW $2600
2kW $3100
2.5kW $4000
3kW $4700
4kW $5700
5kW $6500
6kW $7700

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Do Solar Systems Still Make Sense....?
One of the most common questions the team at CQE Services get asked is "Does Solar still make sense since the government rebate has been cut...?" - The simple answer is YES. 
The biggest savings with Solar Systems are not what you put back into the grid - but with what you actually use!
Huge benifits are seen with family homes or home business offices where the peak of the power usage is during the day - remember if you consider purchasing solar plan to use your energy primarily during Solar Power producing hours - so family washing and drying, air conditioning and other items should be used during the day and minimized use during the night.
With the correct sized system you will essentially be using YOUR power rather than Ergons - thus saving you all those kWh bills!
Since Ergon Energy just increasing the Tariff 11 (General Residential) from 25.378c/kWh to 29.403c/kWh - it is an even better time to get on board and start the savings today! 
Customers of 5kW Systems (one of our top sellers for family homes) are already seeing savings of around $600 per quarter - which means a 5kW System at $6500 would be paid off in 2 years and EVERYTHING after that is $$$in your pocket!
With even the smartly priced LDK Panels having a 10year product warranty and 25year power warranty - that means that over the life of your CQE Services Solar System you will be saving literally tens of thousands of dollars...
Really can you afford NOT to have Solar?

Contact the CQE Services Team and we will sit down with you, take a look at your last quarter power bill with you and explain the advantages of Solar System in terms you can understand - we aren't a multinational trying to rush you for a sale - we want to help you make the right decision for your requirements.

CQE Services can also do Industrial Solar Systems
Solar makes real sense on any larger Business or Sporting Real Estate - where the majority of the Electrical Requirements are during the Energy Producing Hours of the Day! The options here really are LIMITLESS - Contact the Team @ CQE Services to talk to our Friendly Staff about options that suit Your Business!


Solar Energy is a great way to capture Renewable Energy and make HUGE savings on your Electricity Bill each quarter - 
but have you also considered some of the other items you have around your home that are chewing into your wallet?
CQE Services also has a great range of Products to SAVE YOU $$$$$

8 Star Rated ECO Pool Pumps can save you up to $200 a quarter - making them cost neutral in less than 2 years of running!

LED Lighting Options can save you HUGE amounts - especially when used in Commercial Security Lighting

Whilst you are thinking about your Solar Options to cut that Power Bill down and do your bit for the Environment - it's a great time to consider other ways to really stack up those savings!
Talk to the CQE Services Team TODAY.
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